Your Support Team - Sharing Circle / Thur 19th Mar / 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Spend your Thursday listening and being heard

About this experience

This sharing circle is ran by Natalia Grigorova and Laura Seed. It is a space for men and women to explore support, encouragement and friendship.

A sharing circle is a sacred space created to experience comfort that we look for in a conversation with a friend. It is an opportunity to be transparent, heard and understood in a circle of like-minded people. This circle is an invitation to make friends instantly through intention to share, love and support each other. It is a sacred space where we listen to each other, with our hearts rather than our heads.


Our Spiritual Team

Natalia from Clarity & Passion @claritypassion101

Natalia is an Intuitive Counsellor and Channeller accredited by the World Metaphysics Association. She has been studying intuition and channelling since she was 10 years old and through developing her senses through consistent journalling and tarot cards. Natalia works with clients online, teaches workshops and takes part in festivals. She believes in the successful development of intuition through a healthy lifestyle, building a strong community around your interests and living your life with passion.

Laura from Inner Wild Fire @innerwildfire

Laura is an illustrator, graphic designer and more recently alternative art events coordinator. After her mid-life breakthrough in February this year she decided to start all over again and quit her part time corporate job as a graphic designer. She realised her passions lay in teaching people in the area of art and spirituality and also in working with women. She now works full time as a workshop co-ordinator sharing her various skills, notable events include Talk, Tarot & Tea and Zen Wednesdays.

We can't wait to meet you ❤

Your Host

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