Spiritual Sundays | Manifest Your Ideal Soulmate

Spend Sunday getting ready to bring your love life to the next level

About this experience

Join Natalia from Clarity & Passion and Laura Seed From Inner Wild Fire for their 4th Spiritual Sundays workshop located in the trendy Krust Bakery, Georges Street, Dublin.

Natalia and Laura will be hosting a small intimate gathering of people in the downstairs area doing a collection of intuition exercises to help you hone your spiritual craft. "Manifest Your Ideal Soulmate" workshop is designed to help you to tune into your intuition in order to access the kind of soulmate relationship you truly wish to manifest in 2020 and get very specific about it.

During this workshop, you will be able to define what your ideal relationship is, acknowledge everything you love about yourself and what you have to give to a relationship, get clear on the steps to take to raise your vibration and take action.

You have our lovely team to get this exciting task done and support from the beautiful community of likeminded people who will be working on their soulmate realtionship too.

What do you get with your ticket?

- A tea or coffee with a pastry

- A soulmate manifestation consultation

- Specialised techniques and exercises

- Tarot card reading per person

These workshops will be small (12 people) to allow for more connection and focus.

Our Spiritual Team

Natalia from Clarity & Passion @claritypassion101

Natalia is an Intuitive Counsellor and Channeller accredited by the World Metaphysics Association. She has been studying intuition and channelling since she was 10 years old and through developing her senses through consistent journalling and tarot cards. Natalia works with clients online, teaches workshops and takes part in festivals. She believes in the successful development of intuition through a healthy lifestyle, building a strong community around your interests and living your life with passion.

Laura from Inner Wild Fire @innerwildfire

Inner Wild Fire was started by the graphic designer and illustrator Laura Seed. After spending two years working as a full-time freelance designer she found she was stuck in a rut, had stopped painting and her creative juices had run dry. So she started teaching classes, with the intention of both getting out of her own creative problems and also helping other people to overcome their blocks. Her website is a haven of graphic design, painting, and workshops and combines all of her loves. She will inspire people to find their Inner Wild Fire through alternative art workshops, teaching, and speaking.

We can't wait to meet you ❤

Refunds and Cancellations

Please note there are no refunds accepted up for 7 days before an event. Special circumstances allow for swapping tickets for another event but that is dependent on the situation and availability.

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