Winds Of Change Reading

Winds Of Change Reading

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Many times we can sense a change in the weather or an approaching storm even without hearing a weather forecast. There is something in the air and you just know It's like that in life, too. You may sense a change coming but not know what to expect.

This reading will give you a forecast of what is coming your way so you can be prepared.


Winds Of Change Spread


1. NORTH: How the change is associated with your physical being or resources.

2. EAST: What challenges, opportunities, or problems the change may bring.

3. SOUTH: The change's effect on your plans or projects, or how you will be inspired.

4. WEST: What emotional reactions or experiences you can expect with this change.

5. CENTRE: Something you need to know about the nature of the change.



At the checkout, leave your question and the date of birth in the notes box and I will reply within the 24 hours from ordering to let you know when your reading will be ready.

I understand how important your reading is for you, so you can be sure that I will complete your reading as soon as possible.

I am excited to work with you.