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True Magic Reading

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As children we seem to intuitively understand magic and how to use it. As we grow up, obligations, logic, and other priorities create a wall between magic and us.

While children have a natural connection with magic, anyone who wishes to become more skilled at seeing and using magic can do so. Manifestation is all about using energy and directing it according to your will.

This reading looks at any situation or question with magical eyes. It can help you see what you may have missed and discover some "magical" ideas.


True Magic Spread 


1. WHAT YOU HAVE: The energy or resources that you have, whether or not you realise it.

2. WHAT YOU NEED: Energy or a resource that will benefit the situation. You should make an effort to acquire it.

3. WHO WILL HELP: This is someone who can help you. They may be around you, so don't overlook anyone's value.

4. WHAT TO DO: This is an action you should take to increase the power or benefit of the energy or resources represented in cards 1-3.

5. WHAT NOT TO DO: This is something that your non- magical self thinks is a good idea but that your magical self knows will be counterproductive in the situation.

6. OUTCOME: If all the advice in this reading is followed, this is the best likely outcome. Whether positive or negative, find the magic in it. 


At the checkout, leave your question and the date of birth in the notes box and I will reply within the 24 hours from ordering to let you know when your reading will be ready.

I understand how important your reading is for you, so you can be sure that I will complete your reading as soon as possible. 

I am excited to work with you.