Through The Shadows  Reading

Through The Shadows Reading

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This reading is perfect if you are feeling confused, are going through a dark time, or think you are being deceived (whether by your own mind or by a situation).


Through the Shadows Spread


MOON: This is what is reflecting back the truth or the light of the sun, metaphorically your idea of the truth. By recognizing what is bouncing around what you consider the truth,"you can better interpret what you are seeing and experiencing.

CRAYFISH/LOBSTER: This is your deepest inner fear in this situation or moment. If you are not careful, it can pull you down and stop your progress.

DOG AND WOLF: These are external fears, distractions, and illusions. These will keep you from seeing your real path, leading you in the wrong direction. The dog will likely represent something familiar to you or to your life, while the wolf will probably be something you consider an unknown factor.

TOWERS: These will light your path. They may reveal things hidden in shadows that you may have overlooked.

PATH: This is the nature of the path you are meant to be on at this time. Let the message be your guide as you move forward.


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