The Wheel Of Fortune Reading

The Wheel Of Fortune Reading

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Major life-changing events are exciting, can be scary, and often make your head spin. Having some idea of what to expect can be comforting, can help you prepare for the changes, and can help you recognise and make use of the new energy coming into your life.

The Wheel of Fortune Spread


1. I RULE: This card represents the current energy or situation that has the most impact at present and is the part that is about to change. If this is a positive card, then you are perhaps not looking forward to the change. If it is an unhappy card, then change will likely be welcome.

2. I RULED: This card represents the energy or effects that have recently passed from your life but still have some influence. Consider your reaction to this card, as it can represent unfinished business, unlearned life lessons, or emotional baggage that can hinder a smooth transition to the next phase of your life.

3. I WILL RULE: This card represents the new energy that will be brought about by the forthcoming milestone. Again, carefully assess your reaction to this, whether positive or negative. In some ways, this (along with the center card) is the most important in the spread and the one that you will likely be most interested in.

4. I DO NOT RULE: This card represents energy that is absent from the past, current, and forthcoming situation. The absence of something can be as telling as what is present. It can illustrate a necessary lack of balance in your life or a potential distraction.

5. THE CENTER: This card represents what will remain constant in your life. This is the aspect of your personality or life that will help you stay steady during the coming change. Being able to focus on something stable is important so that you don't feel adrift or overwhelmed.


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