"The One" Reading

"The One" Reading

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If you are dating someone, you may get to the point where you wonder if the relationship is worth pursuing. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and drama, but it is useful to step back and take a good look at the relationship as a whole or, more specifically, at how you feel about the relationship. This reading gives you an overview of how you respond to the other person in various aspects, providing lots of food for thought.


"The One" Reading


1. YOUR GUT FEELING: Your gut feeling about the other person and the relationship. This could be the real reason you are asking this question. It could be a certain knowing feeling that you cannot explain logically.

2. PHYSICAL: Your physical response to the person. Is there that special chemistry between you? Is the physical aspect of the relationship satisfying? This could also be about the logistical aspects of being together, such as distance.

3. EMOTIONAL: Your emotional response to the person. Does the relationship encourage balanced, healthy emotions? Or is melodrama part of the fun? Perhaps there is a lack in emotional intimacy? How do you feel?

4. INTELLECTUAL: Your intellectual response to the person. Are you intellectually stimulated or bored or intimidated? Are conversations a pleasure? This card can also relate to how you deal with arguments or face challenges together.

5. SPIRITUAL: Your spiritual compatibility. Are you inspired? Does being with this person make you want to grow and change in positive ways? Are there issues that could mean big problems down the line?

6. THE QUESTION: The question you need to ask yourself. The heart of the matter, pinpointing the main thing you need to think about before moving forward.


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