Tarot For Two Reading

Tarot For Two Reading

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This reading shakes things up a bit. It is designed to be read or a couple. This reading makes it easy to compare your feelings and experiences. Comparing two cards yields plenty of information and a clear picture of both person's experiences. 


Tarot For Two Spread


1. The state of the relationship


2. How you think you should feel.

3. How you actually feel.

4. What you are projecting. 

5. Advice for you to improve the relationship.


6. How they think they should feel.

7. How they actually feel.

8. What they are projecting.

9. Advice for improving the relationship.


At the checkout, leave your question and the date of birth in the notes box and I will reply within the 24 hours from ordering to let you know when your reading will be ready.

I understand how important your reading is for you, so you can be sure that I will complete your reading as soon as possible.

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