Making Love Better Reading

Making Love Better Reading

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If you have been in a long-term, satisfying relationship, you already know that good relationships take work and attention. This spread is good to do no matter what circumstances you are facing: whether you are going through a rough patch, things are stable (verging on stagnant), or there are a lot of changes (good, neutral, or bad) going on.


Making Love Better Spread


STRENGTH: The most significant strength of the relationship to draw on at this time. This is active energy that you can use.

LASTING: The element of the relationship that has lasted and will continue to last. This is solid energy that you can count on.

WEAKNESS: The weak point in the relationship that could cause a problem or needs extra attention. This could drain energy.

DO: What you should do-something that will use the positive aspects in your life and relationship to their best advantage.

STOP DOING: Something you should not do or stop doing. It may be something that seems right but is actually not best at this time.

GUIDING STAR: Your highest and best hope for the situation, which can guide all your steps. If something moves you closer to this, then do it.


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