Guiding Star Reading

Guiding Star Reading

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This reading will help you to see how energies of your current situation that logically go together affect each other in a synthesised and detailed way.

The Guiding Star Spread


I. THE PROBLEM: An overview of the current situation.

2. PAST INFLUENCES: The influences that are losing their potency in the situation and should be released, as they are no longer important.

3. NEGATIVE INFLUENCES: Energy that you should try to minimise or at the very least be aware of.

4. THE PRESENT: What is presently occurring in the situation.

5. POSITIVE INFLUENCES: Helpful influences that yout can use to help the situation.

6. THE FUTURE: A culmination of the influences of the last four cards.

7. THE FINAL OUTCOME: The life lesson or opportunity that youwill take away from this experience.



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