Hello, and welcome!
I am happy to see you here. 
I am Natalia. I am a modern-day psychic.
I use my senses to receive information, insights and guidance from the unified field of intuition that is accessible to anyone.
I answer difficult life questions that you might be asking yourself right now but feeling like no one out there can see into your situation.
I answer those questions by first letting you know that it is ok to feel energetically stuck.
It would be best if you don't play down something that might have been bothering you.
Validating your feeling and emotions is the first step to getting clarity.
The second step in getting clarity is asking the right questions.
I am here to create awareness of how much stagnant energy can affect your ability to move forward in life.
I am meeting you at the point where you might understand everything logically but not emotionally.
To provide structure, I created an online shop where you can quite literally shop for clarity. 
That's right.
You can ask a question, and I can provide you with insight using my psychic ability.
Why am I calling it a store?
It is a store because you can browse through questions as products that you can add to your cart.
I wanted you to feel nurtured and safe.
The purpose of the online store is to give you ideas about the questions you can ask.
And give you some structure.
I was hoping you could think of intuition and psychic abilities not only as a way to get answers.
But also as a fun and easy way to relax your mind and give it a break.
I was hoping you could use this online store as your one-stop shop for clarity.
The store is there for you in the moments when things aren't clear, and you need some clarity and nurture.
I know that sometimes you don't understand how you feel.
So I designed this store in a way that you can quickly narrow down your questions and decide on your priorities for clarity.
When you come to the online store, I want you to take some mindful time looking over the questions and see if they speak to you.
You might feel an instant connection to a question offered at the store.
Or you might like to ask your own. 
Either way, the store has been designed as a mindfulness tool for you.
A self-care tool that can help you to look into what might be bothering you rather than numbing your inner questions.
Would you like to browse through the store to see what questions you would like to explore?
You can check out the online store with tarot readings here.
I want to acknowledge you for taking the time to read this.
I am hoping to be a part of your self-love routine by providing you with clarity and peace of mind whenever you have a question.
If you are feeling the need to have a tarot reading over a call
would like to talk to me over a video call, I am available for a profound 2-hour psychic reading that you can book here.
If you would like to get to know me a little bit better and read about how it feels to be a modern-day psychic, you can read my blog here.
If you would like the energy of intuition and clarity in your daily feed, you can follow me on Instagram @claritypassion here.
I am hoping to tune into your beautiful energy very soon.
Love and Blessings,
Natalia x