Clarity & Passion is a safe place for you to ask questions and get more clarity for your life by getting insights through your intuition. Throughout the years, Natalia's intuitive readings evolved into audio sessions that represent getting support fast, very convenient format and accurate guidance related to any area of your life. 





I had everything. I was married, had a child, worked in a sales and marketing job and went on holidays twice a year. One day, my life began to fall apart. My marriage had failed and my contract at work had finished with no other job to go to. I had to figure my way out of massive debt and endless court cases. I ended up in a car crash where my car was completely smashed from every angle and had to be scrapped. I had no heating in my apartment with my three-year-old son because I could not afford it. I hit rock bottom and was diagnosed with depression and phobia. After being prescribed anti-depressants and watching my brain turning into a vegetable, I realized that the only person who could help me was myself. I got off antidepressants and made a commitment to myself: re-connect to my intuition to understand what was going on with me and get my life back on track. 


As a kid, I was very intuitive. I started to develop my intuition through journalling when I was eight. Daily journaling was giving me a lot of clarity. After a while, I started to notice that I had access to the answers to my problems within me. I was reading books about intuition and the power of the mind. I felt self-sufficient, confident in my abilities and had a clear sense of direction. Others approached me often for emotional comforting and advice, including my friends and family. 


When I was 17 years old and just finished school, I moved to Ireland on my own to do a business degree and work. I found it hard to cope with a sudden change and the pressures of adulthood.  I was torn apart between the feelings of loss and grief for my previous lifestyle and the desire to make it on my own and start from scratch. Under the stress, my weight dropped to 7 stone (45 kg).  I felt like no one understood how I felt as at the time living in Europe was completely glorified. Living abroad was everyone’s dream.


I didn’t realize that I was developing a lot of sad feelings and tried to cope with it by numbing my feelings, robotically trying to get things done on my busy schedule and switching to “an automatic pilot”. I felt disconnected from my feelings, replacing them with a sense of deadness. Journalling was out of the question. No matter how many times I tried to write, the page remained blank. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t feel anything anymore and I didn’t know how to change this. 


I felt completely disconnected from self and this continued for eight straight years until life had forced me to slow down and go inwards. Having my son was a lot to do with realizing that I was starting to reconnect back to myself. I never felt such dedication to anything or anyone in my entire life. As I was developing a deep trusting bond with him, I was realizing that my own relationship with myself was non-existent and that was really scaring me.


Just after my marriage failed and my whole world collapsed, I came across a Certified Intuitive Counsellor course and I signed up for it. I figured that re-connecting back to my intuition was the way out from the mess that I got myself into. As soon as I started the course, I realized that the course was teaching me to be deeply aware of my senses in a similar way that I taught myself through journaling. 


While I was doing the course and applying new knowledge to my life in attempts to rebuild it, others were noticing my steady progress and were asking me to help them to figure out their own issues through my intuitive techniques. This is how I started to do intuitive readings. I knew how it felt to feel alone when struggling and didn't want anyone to have to go through this on their own. 


The feedback was incredible and I was gradually adding more and more value in my guidance, while continuously developing and improving my skills. Many people started to recommend me to their friends. Others started sharing their stories with me of how the insights and guidance from the readings were helping them to make long term changes in their lives. I now found something I was passionate about and was able to help people using my skills.


At the start, all my readings were typed up. I was writing a lot when I was a kid and this was the most natural format for me to start from. Others loved that they could “keep” their readings and come back to them any time they wanted and read them again. As I was getting better at reading the energy, I began offering audio readings that became an absolute hit. They were holding significantly larger amounts of information and were a lot more personal. At the same time, I was building a community around me on Instagram and connecting to people from all around the world and doing readings for them.


I felt ecstatic to be able to become a part of a community of like-minded people that I could help through my intuitive readings. I also realized that I was getting to know a lot more people in Ireland where I live and being able to share my love for nature, wellbeing and healthy food with them.


As my life and the life of the people around me was transforming, I renamed my business to "Clarity & Passion".  My focus naturally started to shift towards constantly improving my lifestyle, health, nutrition, fitness and a sense of community through giving and receiving inspiration from others. However, my community is mostly based online. I do 90% of my intuitive readings for others based in the USA. The rest mainly comes from Canada, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, New Zealand, and The Netherlands. In total, I currently do intuitive readings for people from 18 countries around the world, including Japan, Israel, Singapore, Germany, and Brazil.


I am only getting started on my journey, but my core purpose has remained the same from when I did my first reading, which is to share the incredible benefits of using intuition and guiding others in re-connecting to it. I have been working on a whole range of ideas related to developing intuition in various ways through journalling, nutrition, body movement and a positive love relationship with ourselves.  


My own journey of re-connecting with my intuition was a very emotional and rewarding experience. I felt like coming home. This experience not only gave me my life back but also sent my life on a positive trajectory, creating a massive shift in all the areas of life, including connecting me to like-minded people all around the world. 


It is incredible how much we can help ourselves and each other when we feel connected to our core. If you would like to explore my intuitive readings and learn more about how I work, head over to my readings store.  If you would like to learn more about me, read my blog. Thank you for reading and hope to talk to you soon!


All my love,


Natalia X x