Clarity & Passion is a space to help you to connect to your intuition. A little ten year old girl that channelled messages into her notebook evolved into an Intuitive Counsellor and Channeller that helps people to connect to their intuition all around the world.


Natalia was born in Moscow, Russia. She got introduced to spirituality by her mother Marina, who had interest in astrology, palm reading, vegetarianism and past lives. Marina travelled a lot around the world for business and was bringing books on various spiritual modalities from different countries and was telling Natalia about it.

When Natalia was 10, she started journalling. This is how she originally started to develop her intuition and discovered that she could channel intuitive guidance.

Health and wellness was a big part of Natalia’s life. She did martial arts and tai chi as a teenager and competed on national championships in kung fu. When Natalia was 15, she decided to shave her head to look more like a Shaolin monk as she was fascinated with martial arts and was fascinated with the spiritual discipline that the sport offered.

Natalia read a lot of books on intuition, life success and spirituality as a teen. She liked the idea of using intuition as an inner guidance mechanism and was passionate about life success techniques to achieve specific goals. 

Natalia finished school almost as an honour student, missing only two A’s. She then moved to Ireland to enrol to a one year course in Business Communications in Ballsbridge College in Dublin and got the best student award when she graduated.

With a great support from her parents, Natalia then enrolled to American College Dublin to study a four year degree in International Business. While doing that, Natalia also attended an evening diploma in Event Management at Fitzwilliam Institute. She also worked throughout all of her college years in hospitality.

While still being in college, Natalia also took up a seasonal job in a large hotel in Turkey teaching yoga and Tai Chi. She was also a part of the hotel’s entertaining team, organising pool events as well as taking part in evening entertainment shows. This job felt great to Natalia and she realised that she loved working with people.

Upon the completion of her degree, Natalia pursued jobs in agricultural, manufacturing, engineering and motor industries working in sales, marketing and administration. She got to travelled overseas on business to organise trade shows and represent one of the companies she worked for to existing and potential clients.

Even though, Natalia always saw herself having a career in business, she felt like those professional areas were a misfit for her and continued to search for her career path.

In 2011, Natalia felt like she lost a sense of direction in life and were in need of finding the passion for life again. She felt like she was ticking all the right boxes but still felt like she could not tap into her calling.

Natalia decided to get back to what felt right for her when she was a teenager. She started to journal to try to reconnect to her true purpose and regain a passion for life. She realised that she completely neglected her inner guidance system and made a commitment to herself to never loose it again.

While looking for answers, Natalia kept learning about the power of intuition and decided to take up the studies in Intuitive Counselling accredited by World Metaphysical Association and American Council of Holistic Healers. Throughout the course, Natalia realised a very powerful ability to tap deep into her senses to read energies and channel information for others.

The discovery of a powerful intuitive skill was followed by a very rapid progress in this area. Natalia started building a strong community around her skill with plenty of practice, which followed by Natalia to starting to reading energy for others online that she never met and had no information on. These people came from around the world, including the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Japan, Singapore, South American countries and, of course, Ireland.

Throughout the years, Natalia completed various studies of spiritual modalities, including advanced courses in developing intuition as well as learning tarot in depth as an intuitive tool.

Eventually, Natalia realised that she wanted to start to put together a business model around her intuitive skills and work with people in a well structured way. She was grateful for all the business studies she did over the years that gave her confidence to become a successful entrepreneur.

Natalia called her business "Clarity and Passion". The name came from the feedback that came from people that she read the energy for. Most people were reporting on experiencing high levels of clarity after the sessions. Others said that when they met Natalia, they felt like they lost all passion for life and after receiving her intuitive readings said that regained a sense of passion for life again.

In 2018, Natalia continued her postgraduate studies in digital marketing at Digital Marketing Institute. She also attended courses at Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) that help startups to succeed. In 2019, Natalia at "Clarity & Passion" was shortlisted for Ireland Best Young Entrepreneur in the Best Business Idea category.

At the end of 2019, Natalia and "Clarity & Passion" started to collaborate with Flamingo Feels owned by a mindfulness entrepreneur and author Abdullah Ahmad. Natalia became one of the guides at the Mindfulness Mini Festival in Dublin run by Flamingo Feels that had been sold three times in a row and is currently expanding nationally. At this unique festival Natalia teaches various workshops on intuition and how to develop it.

Natalia also started to collaborate with a spiritual artist Laura Seed from Inner Wild Fire where both of them teach themed Spiritual Sundays workshops that are targeted at developing intuition at a deep level while building a strong community.

One of the causes Natalia is passionate about is children. She has been a volunteer with Ireland’s leading youth organisation Foróige, the charity that works with over 50,000 young people nationwide. Natalia has been working with children aged 10-12 and runs Foróige Youth Club in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin since 2018. Natalia runs club’s activities that promote fun, education, health, visual and performing arts, mindfulness, social skills and community action. She has completed the leaders training in the areas such as child protection, challenging behaviour and LGBTQI+. Natalia also collaborates with various professionals that able to share their unique talents with children,  teach them new skills and expand their area of interests.

Today, Natalia offers intuitive sessions, both online and in person, as well as teaches workshops. You can visit Sessions section to check the availability of personal intuitive sessions and well as Events section to book workshops with Natalia.