Health Intuitive Reading

Health Intuitive Reading

Clarity & Passion
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Reading Description

If you have been facing a health concern or a challenge, this reading will reeveal what unresolved emotions have been contributiong to it. This intuitive reading will deliver rich imagery of your energy related to a health concern and offer a detailed guidance on healing the underlying issue and the real root of a problem. 

I will deliver the messages from your spiritual team and your guides. Your reading will be accurate, detailed and resonate with you very well. It will provide clarity, guidance, and insights related to your inquiry. 

Reading Format

Choose the number of areas/questions for your reading. Each question/reading will last 30 minutes and will be delivered to you by email in an audio format. 


How To Order

1. Ask any question of your choice.
2. Choose the number of questions (up to 3 questions).
3. Choose how fast you would like this reading to be delivered to you (24h delivery or a regular delivery within 3 days).
4. Email your questions, full name and your date of birth to after completing your order.
5. Receive a confirmation email from me.