Natalia from Clarity & Passion took part in the 1st Mindfulness Mini Festival as a Guide


On the 22nd of September 2019, Natalia took part in Mindfulness Mini Festival as a guide on intuition and tarot. The event was run by Abdullah Ahmad, a mindfulness entrepreneur and author, who is only 17 years old. Abdullah has started Flamingo Feels - and Instagram community where he was sharing positivity through daily quotes that quickly gained thousands of followers. 

Abdullah invited Natalia to join his team and open the doors for 80 people to share positivity and celebrate the benefits of mindfulness through offering activities such as yoga, mediation, art workshops, laughter yoga, workshops on intuition, tarot cards readings, gratitude, chanting and mantras.

The festival took place at The Clockwork Door, a welcoming social space with multiple rooms and Ireland's only timehouse.

Mindfulness Mini Festival consisted of 23 workshops and sessions that were presented by five mindfulness guides - meditation rockstar Abdullah, yoga teacher Conor, laughter yoga teacher Dave and intuition and tarot expert Natalia. 

Natalia did intuitive readings using tarot cards for the attendees during group themed sessions. The sessions were varied and coved a number of popular topics including career and relationships. Each session included 10-20 people and lasted 45 minutes.

Mindfulness Mini FestivalDuring each session Natalia was reading the energy of each attendee for about 2-3 minutes and pulled a tarot card for each person. Natalia described what she saw, heard or felt in connection with each person and delivered an individual message for everyone depending on the topic of the session.

During "What Do You Need To Know?" session, Natalia delivered any messages that were coming through for each festival attendee on what they need to know the most at this time outlining current priorities. At the time of "What Is Your Life Purpose" session, Natalia tapped into the individual messages concerning the path that each attendee is encouraged to take at this time.

"Deep Tarot Group Reading" session included profound guidance on the deep rooted subjects that were coming up for each attendee that they most needed to hear the guidance on.

During "The Art Of Love Tarot" session, Natalia was delivering insights on the love life of the attendees and any advice and guidance in this area.

The group sessions created the atmosphere of trust and attendees reported feeling great to be able not only to hear their own messages but also the ones for he others, which facilitated the feelings of bonding with people that they have never met before.

Things got spicy during a very popular "Tarot Of Sexual Magic" session, when Natalia started to deliver messages while reading cards related to sexual intimacy and any advice that was coming through during this session. 

Natalia also gave a talk called "How To Mind Read", explaining how intuition works and sharing useful tips on how others can effectively use their intuition in communication with others.

Many attendees afterwards shared that they have never been on the event like this before and that it was very unique in terms of content and organisation.

The sold out Mindfulness Mini Festival sparked a lot of curiosity about various ways mindfulness can be practised. Natalia's workshops were full and there were a lot of requests for the event to come back in the nearest future.

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