Clarity & Passion returns to the 2nd Mindfulness Mini Festival to host intuition workshops

Natalia from Clarity & Passion continued taking part in the Mindfulness Mini Festival run by Flamingo Feels that took part on the 3rd of November 2019. Sold out two times in a row, 2nd Mindfulness Mini Festival opened its doors to even larger audience as fast as 5 weeks after the 1st one was successfully held at The Clockwork Door in Temple Bar in Dublin city. The Clockwork Door is a social space that advocates sober time spending and offering gaming and social activities.

As Mindfulness Mini Festival expanded, it added an extra room and a new guide - a spiritual artist and teacher Laura Seed from Inner Wild Fire who was facilitating art workshops. Laura is Natalia's close friend that she has been closely working with. Natalia has been mentoring Laura in tarot reading skills and Laura has been assisting Natalia in several projects, including art, branding and graphic design.

The rest of the Mindfulness guides remained the same - Abdullah offered workshops on meditation and gratitude, Conor taught yoga, chanting and mantras, Dave facilitated his very popular laughter yoga as well as life coaching. 


This time, Natalia's intuitive reading sessions were general rather then themed. Each attendee had an opportunity to receive personalised intuitive insights from Natalia in a group session and get their cards read. 

There were over 90 attendees at the festival and Natalia had to work fast to accommodate large amounts of people during the five hour duration of the festival. Others were witnessing the process of how quickly Natalia could tune into each individual person. Throughout the sessions, the attendees were realising just how realisic it is to gain clarity once we can commit to training our senses and intuition as if it was a muscle to assist us in day to day life.

At the end of the festival day, Natalia taught a workshop in how to use tools, such as tarot cards to connect to intuition and receive much needed guidance. Natalia offered attendees to get into pairs and pull a card for each other and try to give each other a message.

At the end of the workshop, people shared their success and challenges in being able to connect to the energy of another person from get go without knowing them and only use their senses to interpret what they senses tell them about that person.

Some people reported that their exercise partner was very accurate in confirming what they had been feeling without previously sharing abutting about their situation and noting feeling relieved after the experience.

The 2nd Mindfulness Festival was a clear success and there are plans in place to run the next one early next year.




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