Psychic Is A Human With Heightened Intuitive Senses


Saying the word psychic is like stepping onto a superhero territory.
The truth is, we are all psychics.
And I am glad to see you here.
I hope I can inspire you to be more of a psychic that you already are.

As for me,
I just happened to fall in love with the whole psychic thing.
And I am committed to it as my life's work.
I can't think of a cooler thing to do as a job.
And being cool has always been important to me.
It fuels me with passion for life.

The word psychic is so contrary, though.
It has such a strong stigma.
Yes, I do read tarot.
But I did psychic work before I started to read tarot.
The word "psychic" describes the fundamental skill in a single word so well.
But yet the word "psychic" is such a cliche.
I'm not going to lie;
At first, I wasn't comfortable with this word.

And a friend once asked me:
"What do people type to find you online?"
I said: "Psychic."
"And are you calling yourself that?"
"No", I said.
And then it hit me.

"Why not", I thought to myself.
"Stigma", I heard in my head.

But I have a plan
I am going to share some insights.
The insights will uncover the world of a modern-day psychic.
And I don't need to go far.

What kind of psychic am I?
I am not a fortune teller, but I can see where the energy is going.
I don't gaze into a crystal ball, but I have clear visions.
I don't read tarot in a tent in a circus, but I read tarot online.

I am going to pioneer my way through clearly defining a modern-day psychic.

A psychic like me wears camouflage trousers and builds gaming computers.
A psychic like me has a business degree and is a digital marketing postgrad.
A psychic like me likes the thrill of going over the ramps in a skate park.

It is just a word.
The world needs us to fill the words with our soul and our unique energy.
You can always create your way.

I would love to hear your opinion!
How do you feel about the word psychic?
And what kind of psychic are you considering yourself to be?
You can join the conversation here.

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