Intuitive Eating


Intuitive Eating


Natalia Grigorova
Certified Intuitive from Clarity & Passion with over 25 years of experience in intuition delivering clear and accurate insights through intuitive sessions.


My health and diet is very good right now but it was not always the case. As a teenager, I used to live on fizzy drinks, chocolate bars and pastry to get me through the day. Our school canteen didn’t have any healthy options for snacks, neither did the convenience stores nearby. 

At around the age of fourteen when my periods started, I began to pile on weight. It was happening at the speed of a lightening and my confidence levels were going down at a pretty much the same rate.


I was doing martial arts three times a week but my diet was too calorie dense and I was not loosing any weight. I was aware of the concept of a healthy diet but not till the extend that I was familiar with the ratio of healthy and not so healthy foods that I was not supposed to exceed..


I was a huge snacker. I was coming home from the training at about 8 pm and would absolutely starving from snacking all day and then training hard. So I would eat a lot and then go and start my homework. I would not finish it till about 10 - 11 pm. I will then start journaling to have some me time till it was super late.



I was wired from all the sugar and caffeine I had from having fizzy drinks. I would go to bed between 12 am and 2 am on school days to be up for about 8 am. It felt like a vicious circle. This habit was gradually getting worse as I was getting into my later teens, pushing the bed times further away into the night.


As a result, my concentration levels in school were poor. I managed to finish school well with all "A"-s except from two "B"-s in my Leaving Cert. I had high standards for myself but I did struggle with binge eating to “help” with my low energy levels from a little sleep and snacking on processed foods. 

Now, I can clearly see that my health was simply challenged by poor daily routine and a lack of knowledge on how to improve my health in terms of diet and sleep. 


We all subconsciously know what changes we need to make but it is easier said than done. Our intuition can point us to the right choices but then what? We then have to actually make that change instead of planning it forever after.

I find that my intuition was able to take me further. It not only helped me to understand what I needed to do to make healthy changes in my life. It also helped me to resolve the actual emotions behind my emotional snacking that kept me stuck. This was a crucial part in undersating the root of my unhealthy routines so that I could create a long lasting change in my health. 


Over the years I have been making small changes that contributed to a much higher quality of my life.


I no longer had to push myself through absolute misery of how I felt in order to reach my goals. I realised that for me, feeling tired  and unwell could be avoided. Through the use of my intuition, I learned how to take care of my inner  habits and emotions attached to them, in order to create gradual health changes. What is it deep down that is stopping you from eating intuitively?


Have you ever felt that it is your emotions that are hold you back from creating more health for yourself?


Do you have a success story of how your intuition led you to resolve these emotions once and for all and made it easier to bring your health to the higher level permanently? Comment below and or ask me a question that you have being struggling with in terms of healthy eating.



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