I Am Starting A Personal Journal Online


Journaling is something very close to my heart. Nothing makes me feel like "me" as much as journaling. Journaling feels like a direct telephone line to my heart. It is also the most beautiful journey I have ever taken. To me, journaling feels like being illuminated from the inside with a guiding light and being wrapped up in a warm fluffy blanket of nurturing love.

Journalling has been “my thing” since I was a kid. One day I opened a notepad, started writing and I have been writing ever since. Journaling has absolutely skyrocketed the development of my intuition, which allows me to do the work I do today.

Recently, I realized just how many benefits there are in sharing our journeys with others. Personally, I have learned a lot about other people’s journeys and some of those stories have transformed my life. The days are gone when we learn from faceless knowledge. In this day and age, we want to know that a real person went through, hear their experience and how they come out from a challenge.

We learn from people. Journaling is learning from self as if you were getting to know yourself as you would a person that you have just met. There are some very important people in my life that I never met but who have absolutely transformed my life. The stories of others are very powerful. 

Getting to know yourself through journaling feels a little bit like meeting a new person.  Essentially, through journaling, you are talking to your inner self and create a dialogue. Writing feels like sharing your thoughts with someone you trust. Many people report telling a friend how they felt made them felt better. And reflection on what you wrote feels even more powerful. It feels like talking to a wise person that can give you powerful guidance. Except, guidance comes to you as a thought or a vision of what all of what you just wrote really means, the clarity behind your experience and the meaning.

Being able to relate to someone is an incredible feeling. Being able to relate to yourself is probably the best feeling out there. Storytelling is very powerful. Over the years, I have learned so much by reading stories of others I have never met and it made a very positive impact on my life. It made me feel that I am not alone in my thinking and helped me to relate more to the world in a powerful way. When I journal, I am able to impact myself in the same way through the ability of storytelling. the ability to tell your own story creates the clarity of what the story is all about and helps to keep connecting the pieces of the life puzzle. This is how I personally learned about clarity, intuition and the power of the mind.

In an interesting way, journaling is a powerful tool to help yourself to become your own role model that you can greatly relate to and appreciate your own strength, courage, and problem-solving abilities.

When we read the story of someone we can relate to, it becomes about us. And we get excited about getting to know ourselves through someone else’s journey. Journaling for clarity in your own life feels like following someone else’s journey that we want to get to know better and learn from. It is a great practice of how to speak your truth and be genuine, authentic, raw and honest in what you want to say.

It is very nurturing for the soul to be in the presence of someone who speaks from an open heart, whether this heart is somebody else’s or your own. I realized that it happens because all of us are going through the same thing known as human experience. And this is why we find it so easy to relate to each other's journeys even if certain parts of the journeys do not match with the other person’s. 

Because of this, I find that when I share my feelings with others and talk honestly about how I feel, I bond with them easily and we have an understanding. When I journal, I bond with myself in the same way - through honesty and peeling off the layers to get to the essence. 

I always think of journaling as a loving mother nurturing her child. The process is beautiful to be a part of. This is why I decided to do my journaling openly so that others can read it too. When I was a teenager, I was letting others read my journal. I found it was helping them also to relate to their own experiences as well.

There is nothing more beautiful than a raw human emotion and the acceptance of it. I love reading back on the things that I write and I believe that others will be able to recognize their own rawness on the pages of this journal too. I believe they will be able to understand themselves better through these journaling entries or recognize someone they love in these emotions too. It excites me to start this because I know that there is a lot of bonding is about to take place. The kind of internal bonding that each of us craves to deepen. Let the journey begin.

Can you relate? I would love to hear your own experience with journaling for self-reflection. If you have any questions, you can pop them below.

If you haven't yet read my story, you can read it here.




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  • Thank you, Roisin! Intuition is an amazing space to explore the world. Journaling is by far my favorite way to tap into my intuition. It is a magical experience that I am hoping to simplify for others :) I would love to know if you can resonate with what I write too!

    Natalia @ Clarity & Passion
  • That was beautiful, Natalia. It’s such a gift to be able to be so in touch with yourself that it is strong enough to be shared with other people, knowing that nothing anyone could say could invade this bond you have with yourself.
    I am so grateful and excited to see what you do with your blog! xx


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