The Link Between Your Health, Intuition And Social Life


Intuition is a very powerful way to find a link between different areas in your life as well as its events. From there, you can always make important improvements. Intuition is your friend on your journey. And awareness is the key. 

I will give you an example from my personal journey on how I tend to link different areas of my life via my intuition. This personal story is about the link I found between my health and my social life.

As a kid, I was constantly sick with bronchitises, colds, sinus infections, and stomach upsets. You name it, really. I had it all. I could not attend creche because of this as I was picking up viruses very easily. It was decided I stayed at home with my granny. Later, I started several sporting activities but could not maintain attendance either. It was kind of heartbreaking. And lonely too.

As a result, I had almost no interaction with children before the age of six when I went to school for the first time. It turned out that being frequently sick affected my social life as I didn't have an opportunity to mix with kids. I didn’t know how to talk to kids and I ended up being a shy kid in school. I could never say anything back and was picked on for that. I am not going to lie - it wasn't fun to get a kick in the stomach from the boys in my class!

Eventually, I did join sports and it certainly did make my immune system stronger. My communication skills improved too - I kicked the boy back just to bring some balance into the equation ;) But looking back I definitely felt like I missed out on being around kids when I was going through my important developmental milestones.

Over the years, I learned that if I looked after my health, I attracted a different kind of energy - healthy friends in every sense of this word. Today, I very rarely get sick. I am also surrounded by the same kind of people, who value health - both physical and mental.

My health now consists of disease prevention. My diet is plant-based. I regularly exercise, meditate and journal. This year I swam in the sea all year around. If I feel that I am about to get stressed, I try to deal with it immediately.

Intuition and awareness can help not only to improve our own life but the life of our loved ones too. As I found the link between physical health and social life, I felt that it was important to create the environment for my son that would maximize his physical health so that he could experience being a part of a community of children from a very young age. And he has been absolutely flying through this. He is so natural at making friends and talking to both children and adults. He is super healthy too. So he doesn't miss out on the fun either. I made sure I was able to make friends with the mums of his friends and for him to play with his school friends after school too. And I make sure that I keep him as healthy as he can possibly be. I will write a post on this in the near future.

Being able to develop around others who we feel drawn to is such a gift! It is scientifically proven that we are the most developed species on the planet because of the fact that we can communicate through speech. And maintaining good health means that we can interact with the human family as much as we want to.

As we get older, health and social life are linked too, but in a slightly different way. If we let ourselves get overwhelmed, we naturally tend to drift away from our tribe and our loved ones. It is also a health alert. A dip in our emotional health makes us disconnect from others, which can lead to loneliness.

My piece of advice is to always keep your intuition in check for overall health balance. We just have to remember that no matter what, we never have to go through stuff alone! A phone call to a friend? A swim in the sea with others? A catch up in a coffee shop? Like someone wise in Nike once said, just do it! Connect to others and this will boost your overall health!

Have you ever noticed the link between your health and your social life? If yes, how did you use your intuition to improve your health, and as a consequence, your social life?


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