Defining My Work


We are all interested in a blend of different things that make us unique individuals. On top of that, we might be very interested in something that the majority of society might not know much about. 

Do we then give up what we love just because the majority of people don’t know much about it? Hmmm, hell no. We can find a way to talk about what we are passionate about so that others can have an understanding of what we love. So that eventually they are able to relate to us.

For years, I could not relate my intuitive work to the mainstream of other people. I was lucky to start working with people who were already a part of the community and knew what intuitive work was. As for others that didn’t know anything about it, I found it difficult to explain what I do. 

I didn’t want to just say the word psychic even though it is exactly what people type in a search engine to find me online. There is something about this word I could never fully relate to, even though it is a basis of what I do. Even in my own brain, psychic is someone who sits in a room with a crystal ball. Whereas, I am always out in my sports gear, wearing Dr Beats headphones, driving my 2 litre A4 and eating plants. 

Should I just call myself an Intuitive? After all, I am an Intuitive Counsellor certified by The World Metaphysical Organisation. But what is that to someone who doesn’t know much about metaphysics? It just sounds wishy-washy to them. The search for the term describing me was still on. 

So I was thinking, what about telling people that I do counselling? Yep, that’s what my qualification said but it is not traditional counselling. I don’t use the framework that counsellors study in college. Instead, I use my vocabulary to communicate what I see, hear and feel in the person’s energy. So no, counselling didn’t feel right either.

When I asked others to describe what I was doing, they all gave different answers! I was definitely bringing them clarity, but they all had different ideas as to what I was doing. The most common answer was that my work was falling into a coaching category.

Any form of therapy deals with underlying issues that are important to address first and coaching is more about building upon a relatively stable emotional ground. Therapy is healing and coaching is about achieving. 

Many of my clients repeatedly reported huge emotional release after their session, which can show up as happy crying, overwhelming excitement and other forms of feeling free. But I still didn’t want to call it healing. 

See, I was always very driven and business oriented. I might have had very challenging situations in my life, but I was always going head first to try to resolve things and be successful on my terms. Sort of independent and never give up. I went to college to study a business degree and successfully graduated in 2005. 

I always tried to work for myself when I could and struggled in corporate environments. I worked in manufacturing, agricultural and motor industries doing marketing, sales and administration. And even though I was super driven to succeed in my roles, working for the company was really difficult because I always had a ton of ideas. I needed to work for myself and put my head through the wall trying to figure out how I can be useful to others that completely derives from my passion that I was yet to define. 

I was very dedicated to finding out what I wanted to do exactly. I knew I was very good at reading energies and providing clarity, but I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take it. 

One day, it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I went through a lot of challenges that were to do with releasing co-dependent relationships and becoming independent, letting go of set career structures and create my own vacancy for Clarity and Passion. I wanted to communicate to others through my work that all is possible and equip them with vital intuitive skills and insights. 

I was becoming really drawn to entrepreneurs, both men and women as I could see that becoming one for me was inevitable no matter how much sweat it was going to take. I suppose, when you know - you just know. 

Naturally, my intuitive work was starting to focus on more and more sessions for people that were trying to figure out what they really wanted to do in life and the ones that have already started and needed to fire up their intuition to go forward.

The truth? I still don't know 100% what to call myself. The only thing that I am damn sure about is that I am good at what I do. And the rest will come.

Have you ever felt like you couldn't define you or what you do to others? I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments.



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