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"My skill is the ability to tap into someone's energy to channel guidance that they might not be able to access themselves". 

~ Natalia Grigorova, the founder of Clarity & Passion.

What My Clients Say About Me

Who I Am

Hi, I am Natalia. I am an Intuition Expert, Channeller and Teacher. I work with people and help them to tap into solutions using senses rather than rational mind. I trained my senses to help me to accurately channel the guidance that others are looking the access.

What I Do

I do online readings and teach online workshops. I do my readings via voice or video call. I also do pre-recorded readings that come to inbox as an audio file. I also teach online workshops on how to develop intuition and hear your inner voice loud and clear. In my work, I convey messages using two methods: I channel information using my senses of seeing, hearing and feelings as well as using tools, such as tarot and oracle cards to deliver messages.

What To Expect in a Session

Who I Read For

I do readings for anyone in need of clarity regardless of gender, believes, values and lifestyle. I teach intuition to anyone who is open to it and would like to learn how they can access this powerful skill for themselves.

How Others Benefited From My Sessions

"It all was much clearer to me and I was at ease"

I was really looking for guidance and afterwards it all was much clearer to me and I was at ease. When Natalia read my energy, it was very validating and apparent. It’s a very open space. Just be open to what she is trying to read for you. 

- Amy, Singer and Songwriter

"I was looking for a lot of answers and I found them"

I was looking for a lot of answers, clarity and guidance that you can get from the readings and I found them. Some of the answers that I have received from Natalia have played a major role in where I am right now a couple of months later.

- Marcin, Financial Advisor

"It was really magical"

Even though it was a group session, Natalia were able to work with us as an individual. It felt like we have known each other for our whole lives. It was really magical.

- Kitty, Reiki Practitioner

"It's nice to feel that understood"

It was just so open, honest and vulnerable. It's nice to feel that understood. At a very deep level feeling understood. And Natalia is great at that. Everyone was open and was adding their little bits at the end. It became very loving. People started to share some really personal stories.

- Abdullah, Mindfulness Entrepreneur

"Her power of intuition is absolutely remarkable"

I was going through a bit of a rough patch so, I guess, at that point things were becoming a lot clear for me. For anyone who is sceptical out there, all I can say it - try it. Just do it. There is an energy within you that you can connect with, and someone who has an intuitive energy within them and an intuitive capability, can really see that.

- Tina, Comedian

How I Work

I will work with you no matter where you are in the world - Ireland, Canada or Singapore. Send me your question and I will channel the answer.

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Online Workshops/Events

There is nothing I love more than working with people and show them the practical aspects of tapping into their intuition. Would you like to learn how to tap into your intuition via online workshops? 

Experience Hearing Your Intuition


I regularly run free and paid online intuition workshops, so feel free to get involved anytime. 

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